Choose your 3 words

NFTs have taken the Terraverse by storm...

Galactic Gridz is a mint-your-own combination of 3 words that represent not only a NFT pseudonym, but your unique stake on a volume of customizable space within the Terraverse.

On Mint day, choose 3 words like ‘hodl.luna.ser’ and bake it into the Gridz metadata. Similar to xyz-like projects, those 3 words are your unique coordinates that double as an identity. They can be shared with LUNAtics and searched in our directory like a domain for your NFT homebase.

Open source

Made for you to build on.

As an open source project, Gridz and the 3 words / coordinates can be integrated with other Terraverse projects. We plan to launch a Gridz bounty program to support applications, games, artists and everyone else who wants to build on top of Gridz.

A image of colonies.

Show off your NFTs

Introducing Colonies

The first project to build on top of Gridz is Colonies.

Once minted, every Gridz NFT doubles as the holder’s key to their very own customizable colony, or NFT gallery, and a unique username for others to find them.

Holders of Gridz can choose what NFTs to display in their colony (gallery) and customize the information people see, such as the art’s name or description. Colonies will also be upgradable and Gridz is excited to partner with them.

Join the journey

Ambitous roadmap to push the Terraverse

Mint Galactic Gridz

Gridz are created by choosing a unique combination of 3 words (ex: simp.for.luna) and minting it. A combination can only ever be used once.

Create your colony

Your Grid unlocks access to a Colony. Head over to your Colony after minting to start customizing your gallery. You will be able to display nfts, title them, and more...

Share your pseudo

Those are your special 3 words. Share them on socials so people can search the Gridz directory and view your collection!

GRIDZ viewer

The team plans to implement a 3D viewer to search for gridz. More to come.

Upgrade your colony

Add floors to your house to unlock new features for your colony, buy a hangar for your ships. Colonies are your claim to fame.

Gridz universe

Since Gridz is an open source project, any web3 team can start implementing and building on top of Gridz. We will launch Gridz bounties for teams that look to expand the utility of gridz ownership and directory.

A image of colonies rooms.